Vacant Land Liability Guide

Do you own land? Arrange the right Insurance!

If you own land, perhaps a block awaiting a house to be constructed it is possible that a person may enter it and hurt themselves. The law requires you as the owner, to keep the land safe and will hold you responsible for any injuries.

This type of insurance is called ‘Vacant Land Liability’ and you will need to buy a ‘stand-alone’ policy to protect yourself.

A frequently asked question, is if the injured person was on the land illegally, then surely there wouldn’t be any negligence on the owner’s part? Sadly, this is incorrect and a trespasser has as much right to compensation as anybody else.

You have to buy insurance policies because the law says so (such as for a car) or because you are contractually obliged to do so (sch as your house when you have a mortgage).

Vacant Land Liability is to protect you, insurance for the unexpected ‘visitor’ who could end up costing you A LOT! Be prepared, call us now to arrange a policy 03 8789 5800.

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