The Owner Builder’s study guide to successful building!

The Owner Builder’s study guide to successful building!

Certificate of Consent!

Victoria leads the way in helping Owner Builders

Owner Building is the way to save money when building a new home or renovation. As long as you are prepared, understand your responsibilities and invest the time and money to make it a success.

The process of completing the Certificate of Consent questions are answered in the study guide, which is easy and simple to understand. The Certificate of Consent program is there to help Owner Builders to successfully navigate the building process. A study guide is provided on the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website which after reading the guide you have enough information to complete the assessment.

The advantage of this study guide is that the information you (owner builder) require to be aware of, when building is available in this one resource, it explains the building process, what to be aware of and your obligations.

Owner Builders, owner build to save money and have control over the building process. This study Guide attached to the Certificate of Consent course is there to help you succeed.

TIP: Read and print the study guide and keep it next to you when answering the assessment questions

While you maybe only doing a small renovation, you are still a ‘builder’ and you have responsibilities to your neighbours, subbies and to protect yourself.

The more information and knowledge you have, the easier and better result you will have.

This is part one of a series of articles on Owner Building, the next will be on the Insurances you need to owner build.

You can find more details on Australian Owner Builders website.

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