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Latent Defects Insurance is an insurance designed to protect against the cost of complete or partial re-building or rectifying work to a new home, renovation or extension as a result of defective design, workmanship or materials that occur during the construction period but are not discovered until after completion of the building works (Final Permit).

What does Latent Defects Insurance Cover?
It protects the home owner, once the home is complete against any unforeseen structural defects that may arise within the prescribed period of 10 years.

  • Roof framing system trusses fail – roof sags
  • Load bearing foundation, slab, stumps fail – floor subsides/heaves

All affecting the structural integrity of your home.

These problems are tricky to fix, very expensive and time consuming plus the major stress and worry that it causes to you and your family – all taken away with Buildsafe Owner Builder Latent Defects Insurance.

Why it is important to have Latent Defects Insurance?

Building your New Home, Renovation or Extension is one of the biggest financial commitments under taken in life.

It is important that you insure your long term investment with Latent Defects Insurance (10 year policy) apart from the peace of mind it will protect your family from an unforeseen catastrophic structural failure causing untold financial and personal strain on the family unit.

Benefits of the Home Owners Latent Defects Cover:

It provides you, the home owner cover in the event your home suffers damage to the Structural Elements of the premises caused by a defect in design, workmanship or materials. Latent Defects Insurance will rectify the structural defect and damage caused to the premises.

  • You go direct to the insurer to claim
  • Underwritten by Lloyds’ of London
  • No Delays over whose fault or who caused the problem
  • 10 year cover
  • Non-Cancellable

Is my Builder insured as well?

Yes, you both are included on the policy as the insured and therefore protected in the event of a claim. So, it is in the Builders interest to fully support your efforts to obtain Latent Defect Insurance.

How do I obtain Latent Defects Insurance?

As the home owner you and / or the builder are able to purchase Latent Defects Insurance. Depending on the size of the builder, will depend on what form is to be completed. Refer to our Downloadspage.

Extra Benefits:

You only buy insurance in the chance that a claim may occur, and we understand the pain, inconvenience and general trouble it will cause you and your family, but if it does happen we are here to not only fix the problem but offer you alternate accommodation if needed, demolish and take away the rubbish, pay for the professional fee’s e.g. Architects, engineers etc. even bring your home up to current Building Regulation Standards*.

We look after you.

Problems to watch out for:

Watch out for the following structural defects that could affect the structural integrity of your home.

  • Has the roof been properly secured?
  • Has the slab deflected due to shrinkage, substandard workmanship excessive loading causing it to fail.
  • Has the roof sagged due to inadequate fitting or workmanship.
  • Has the floor sagged (stumps) due to inadequate framing and support, poor workmanship in the stump erection. e.g. support pier is not properly placed to support the beam.

The problem is these or any major structural Defects may happen in 3 – 4 – 8 – 10 years time, are you willing to take the risk ?


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