“If I didn’t have a Public Liability policy in place, I would have lost my home”. Richard from Kensington VIC.

A NOTE OF CAUTION – Can you afford the risk?

Richard seriously considered ‘taking the risk’ during construction of his $80,000 house addition, by not protecting himself with Construction and Public Liability Insurance in the end he decided it was “better safe than sorry” and ensured a policy was in place.

Even though he took ever reasonable precaution during construction, Richard couldn’t have foreseen the 90 year old lady from up the street entering his property (by unlatching secured gates), in order to retrieve her dog (who got under the gate!).

She had a fall, broke her leg and hip, was in hospital for over 6 weeks and sued Richard for $150,000. Luckily, the Insurer handled the claim and settled the matter on Richard’s behalf.

Don’t worry, BuildSafe Insurance Brokers have been helping Owner Builders for over 25 years.

The unique benefits of our Construction and Public Liability Policy is:

Low Excess – most claims under $4000
Subcontractors – protects you from there actions
$50,000 cover – for materials stored off site
Worker to worker – liability cover, if they are injured onsite
Contents cover
$20,000 tools cover
Extendable policy – up to 24 months
$5 or $10 million Public Liability

  • Does the Insurance Company have a claims department in Australia, with a track record of quickly reviewing and finalizing claims – Do they rate ‘excellent’ in claims management.

    Ours does!

  • Is the policy owner builder specific? Or is it a broken down builders policy where you are paying for blasting, maintenance, dewatering etc..

    Ours is!

  • Does the broker have owner builder trained staff to answer your questions on adjoining property, sub-contractors, can the policy be extended. These questions must be answered upfront – no surprises.

    We have

Plus consider this important issue
Does your insurance broker have over 30 years of experience in helping Owner Builders? We Do!

The truth is most insurance brokers sell all types of insurance and are masters of none.

BuildSafe is the leading Owner Builder insurance broker in Australia because we have targeted the Building Industry, as our name says – BUILDSAFE.

BuildSafe–Specialised Insurance For The Building Industry.

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