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Owner Builder Insurance – Construction & Public Liability

Policy Covers

Our Owner Builder Insurance – Construction & Public Liability Policy is designed for the owner builder, and unlike some standard policies, contains additional benefits.

Construction Insurance
Has many names, Contract Works, Site Insurance, Construction Insurance, Builders Risk Contractors Allrisk. It provides cover for risks encountered whether you are building a new home, renovation or extending your home this includes cover for fire, storm, impact, wind and water damage, malicious damage, vandalism, theft including materials in the open air and Public Liability.

The policy also provides cover for professional fees, demolition and removal of debris costs following a claim at no extra premium.

Public Liability
Can be the biggest financial risk for Owner Builders. Public Liability Insurance covers third party personal injury and property damage that occurs during the period of the policy for which you the Owner Builder are legally liable. As an Owner builder you are responsible for site safety and co-ordination of the building works and serious injuries and damage can occur on the smallest of projects.

It is essential that you take out public liability insurance, because you could be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars if someone is injured at or near your building site caused by your negligence or damage to other people’s property.

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What’s covered in the Policy:

BONUS Cover:

  • $5,000 tools
  • Worker to worker
  • Subbies
  • Adjoining property
  • Low excess
  • Extendable Policy
  • All types of constructions Covered – Kit Homes, Straw bale and Mud Brick Homes, New Homes, Builder to Lockup, Light Commercial Works
  • Contents
  • Vandalism
  • Storm
  • Public Liability $5,$10, $20 million
  • Water Damage
  • Theft
  • Renovations and Extensions
  • Fire
  • Flood

Why you need a BuildSafe Policy?

Owner Builders can become confused into thinking each state has a different policy, not so at BuildSafe, we take the confusion out of Insurance, our experience and knowledgeable consultants have been helping and assisting Owner Builders for over 30 years.

Our Policy is Owner Builder specific, unlike other policies that are Builder policies and you pay for inclusions that you cannot claim on!

PLUS our Policy contains some important additional benefits (see Bonus Cover).

Hot Tip

No, not all Owner Builder policies are the same. So before you buy on price, check to see whether you have cover for –

  • Storm and Water damage
  • Flood
  • Is Extendable
  • Has a low excess (most claims are around $4000)
  • Subbies are not excluded
  • Public Liability ($5, $10 and $20 million)
  • Will cover your existing home
  • Contents Cover
  • (optional) Voluntary Workers cover

We do!

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Free Mandatory site sign or in Victoria Free set of Mandatory contracts.

BuildSafe offer a unique owner builder policy designed for you the owner builder, it includes additional benefits that are specific for the owner builder!


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“If I didn’t have a Public Liability policy in place, I would have lost my home” Richard, Kensington, VIC

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