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Builders Insurance or Construction and Public Liability Insurance or Contract Works protects builders in the building professional against accident or damage caused by negligence or unforeseen occurrences.

It does not matter how good a builder you are, things happen which are totally out of your control. It is for these situations that we all need the right builders insurance cover.

What’s included in the Policy:

  • Annual turnovers up to $50 million and a limit of $15 million on any one contract
  • Escalation of Construction Cost
  • Professional Fees
  • Expediting Expenses
  • Removal of Debris; and Off-Site Storage and Transit
  • Maintenance periods – 12 mths as standard
  • Minor – Plant, Tools
  • Minor – Plant, Equipment
  • Existing Structures
  • Financiers Interest
  • Vacant Land; and Projects already commenced

Why Choose BuildSafe?

The New Deal is an industry insurance initiative launched by BuildSafe Insurance Brokers. As the name says, BuildSafe are structured to ensure your business has maximum cover at realistic rates. As a brokerage specialising only in building insurances, BuildSafe are able to maintain an appreciation of what is on offer from the insurance companies, large and small. So contact us on 1300 856 603 or send us a quote


There are two types of Builders Insurance – Construction and Public Liability:

Annual Blanket Policy
This insurance product offers blanket Public Liability to the builder and Contract Works insurance for all jobs for a nominated period up to 12 months. Cover is based on annual turnover with options of Annual Turnover Basis and Project Run-Off Basis.

Project Specific Policy
This insurance product offers cover for a specific project.

BuildSafe Insurance Brokers provide specialised insurance for builders…


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