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As you would know, we have both been affected by the changes to legislation and the coming and going of many insurers since 1996.

Today, because of our background, knowledge of the Insurer and their special requirements, we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

Are you a New Builder?
How to complete the Eligibility Assessment

Home Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect the home owner in providing security that a Licensed Builder will complete the work and will be around for a six year period to remedy any defects or problem areas. The insurer therefore must be satisfied that the Licenced Builder is reputable with a history of completing building works in accordance to the building standards and financial expectations.

Obtaining Home Indemnity Insurance is a straightforward process – just that many Insurance companies make it hard for the Builder. Not so at BuildSafe Insurance Brokers. We’ll help and get our hands dirty.
Licenced Builders financial position and history is an important consideration in the obtaining Home Indemnity Insurance.

Licenced builders will need to demonstrate financial robustness in the following areas:

  1. Gross profit margin
  2. Debtor collection days
  3. Creditor payment days

       4.  Turnover growth
       5.  Changes to work in progress
       6.  Builder size and areas of construction activity
       7.  Length of time in the industry
       8.  Adverse commercial and claims information
       9.  Frequency of financial reporting
       10.  Job costing system

Then you need to download our letter of eligibility application form, call our office 1300 856 603 for any queries and email the form back to us.

Are you wishing to change from another broker to BUILDSAFE?

Simply download our letter of appointment template, fill it in and email back to us.

Being a Specialised Building Industry broker who has been dealing with Warranty Insurers since 1996, we have an experienced team available to help you clear up any issues with the insurer, so you you can get back to doing what you do well – building! Carmen and the team look forward to helping you with the process of Warranty Insurance.

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Realising the pressure I was under, you made every effort to assist taking on the extra workload, not everyone in your position would have done that so thank you.