FAQs Home Owners 

Q. What is Renovators Home & Contents?

A. The product – Renovators Home & Contents Insurance is designed to meet the needs of homeowners who engage registered builders to complete renovation works and where the existing home insurance (building, contents and public liability) are suspended during the renovations period. In these instances homeowners do not have insurance cover – most homeowners are not covered during these periods but may not be aware of the suspended insurances. Q. What does the policy cover? A. The policy is effective whilst a registered builder is completing a renovation/addition or modification project to an existing home. It is divided into 3 sections

1. Renovators Home & Contents insurance covers loss or damage to the existing home & Renovation during the Construction period.

2. The policy also provides protection from legal liability from third parties for personal injury or property damage

3. The policy also provides an option to include home contents.

Q. Who can buy the policy?

A. Either the builder or the homeowner Q. Can I separate the policy? A. No. it is a joint policy that covers the renovation – the new work that is being undertaken by a registered builder & the existing home – the structure that is existing prior to the renovation. You do have the option of including contents cover.

Q. Doesn’t the builder have responsibility for insuring my home when renovating?

A. No, especially not, your existing home and contents.

Q. Won’t my current Home & Contents insurer continue to insure my home and contents during the renovation?

A. No. Building sites are dangerous work places & prone to accidents & theft, once renovation work commences – you are on your own! Your investment is at major risk, you need Renovators Home & Contents to protect your family from not only theft but fire, storm and malicious damage, plus any public liability claim from an uninvited ‘guest’. Q. Will the products I supply to the builder be covered in case of theft or damage? A. Yes, if you are supplying & Storing, e.g. Tiles, taps etc., this will be part of the policy cover.

Q. Who is responsible for insurance for Pre-existing property during House Renovation and Extension Building works?

A. Just whose responsibility is it, to arrange insurance cover for pre-existing buildings and their contents, during House Renovation and Extension Building works? This is a question regularly posed by both builders and property owners alike and the answer is really quite simple; It is the responsibility of the property owner to effect and maintain insurance on their own property.