house_obcplRenovators Home & Contents is a joint product designed to insure your home, renovation & contents when using a registered builder to renovate/extend your home.

Home & Contents policies go into suspension once, e.g. $20,000 – $50,000 contract by a registered builder is in place. Therefore you have NO insurance on your Home & Contents including no Public Liability Insurance in the event of an accident from an uninvited ‘guest’.

Renovators Home & Contents is in 3 sections.

1. Construction & Public Liability This covers the renovation/extension for the basic protections – fire, theft, storm, water & malicious damage together with Public Liability cover.

2. (Existing) home When renovations/extensions are over eg. $20,000 – $50,000 the home and contents insurer will suspend your home and contents policy because the home has become a building site, a dangerous & prone to theft site & until the project is completed it is outside the scope of the Home and Contents policy.

3. Contents (Optional)

This cover is conditional on the renovation/extension & existing home being insured. As the site is a building site, we have been able to secure an attractive contents cover.

By being a joint policy it cannot be separated, sections 1 & 2 are mandatory with Section 3 optional. As the homeowner you have the option of purchasing the policy & informing the builder that he does not need to include you job as part of his contract works insurance policy. Both you and the builder can be listed as the insured, or you can pay the builder to arrange the policy.

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