Voluntary  Workers Insurance


The question is, “are Voluntary Workers covered by Workcover?”

the short answer is NO. A construction and public liability policy only cover third parties affected by the worksite, either innocent parties with no involvement with the project or contractors engaged to work on site for remuneration. Occupational health and safety legislation only covers Workers remunerated for this labour.

Volunteers are not eligible for Workers Compensation.  This policy ensures their protection against financial loss if an injury occurs whilst performing voluntary work. In general an owner builder who is building or renovating their own private dwelling or through the use of various building contractors will have limited involvement with workplace safety laws.

This is because, in most instances, owner builders do not directly employ anyone and are not deemed to be an employer as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This means friends or relatives helping out with your project, without payment (e.g. volunteers) are not protected under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

BuildSafe’s Specialised Voluntary Workers Accident Policy is specifically for Owner Builders. The Voluntary Workers Accident Insurance Policy covers volunteers performing unpaid work on the construction site including the Owner Builder and declared spouse. Volunteers are a great source of assistance but as they do not receive payment or wages, they are not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. 


This is because essentially you are inviting someone – or they are offering – to help (without payment) at a private dwelling, not a workplace. There is no employer/employee relationship. Bearing this in mind, owner builders should be cautious when using friends and relatives as volunteer labour to help in their building project – and those volunteering should also weigh up the risks of doing so.

Features of this policy:
  • Owner Builder and spouse coverage
  • Up to 10 volunteers on site at any one time
  • Applicable to income and non-income workers 
  • Non-Medicare Medical Expenses
  • Affordable low cost premium
  • World Class Insurer & Excellent Claims Management

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I was really concerned about what consequences were if my friends helping me on the job were injured and couldn’t do their normal job. Then I found you 🙂
Thanks Juanita, I can now sleep like a baby.
Ken Burns