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“Ben Cairns is typical of an Owner Builder who is renovating but ‘thinks’ that his house and Contents policy will cover him.”

Ben rang in a sorry state, he had gone to pay his renewal and when he explained that he was renovating and extending his house with a job cost of $125000 he was told he has NO cover, until the job was complete. He was at Lockup which is very difficult to get cover at this stage of the job. We were able to call in a favour, lucky, for Ben to get his home covered at a cost of 3 times what it would have happened, if he had bought the policy upfront! His House and Contents insurer had a limit of $30K so any work above that (at builder cost) they would NOT cover. Luckily Ben, was able to be covered BUT be aware when renovating – you will probably not be covered by your House and Contents Insurer”. Ring 03-87895810 to insure your home and renovation. Most home and contents policies do not cover you when renovating. BuildSafe now has contents cover. Building or renovating a home is an exciting time for many Australians. Each year over 40,000 home owners decide to manage their own building projects. Through proper planning, good advice, responsive assistance and careful management the experience of owner building is both financially rewarding and satisfying. Most Australians are ‘Owner Builders’ at least once in their lives! An Owner Builder is someone who constructs or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, but is not a registered Builder or in the business of building. This includes renovations, modifications and the very popular updating of home kitchens and bathrooms. Construction and Public Insurance Can you really afford the risk?
BuildSafe offer an owner builder domestic Construction and Public Liability policy. Protection and coverage is purposely designed for Australian owner builders, and unlike some standard policies, contain real important owner builder additional cover.
10 outstanding benefits of the BuildSafe Owner Builder Construction policy • Low excess levels • Maximum sub limits inclusions: • Materials or items supplied by the principal – owner builder • Cost escalation allowances • Additional removal of debris • Additional architects, engineers, consultants and surveyors • Existing structures coverage • Contractors coverage • Tools and equipment insurance

• Policy extension • Low Premiums • Automatic Pre Qualification Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance • Adjoining property coverage Why Construction Insurance is important Construction insurance protects the owner builder during the building process, including malicious damage, vandalism, theft, fire damage, storm, wind and water damage. The BuildSafe policy also provides cover for demolition costs and professional fees in the event of a major claim (for up to 10% of the insured construction value) at no additional premium, which ensures that you will not be left out of pocket if a major claim occurs. Started your project already -BuildSafe are the industry specialist when it comes to commenced works. Ask BuildSafe Insurance Consultants – they’ll know the detail.
Why Public Liability Insurance is important Public Liability Insurance protects owner builders against third party personal injury and property damage that occurs during the period of policy.
Is Construction and Public Liability Insurance compulsory? As a general rule, insurance is not compulsory but you carry the risk. Through no fault of your own, your building project can be exposed to fire theft, vandalism or weather. Unlike car insurance, your potential loss is much, much greater. If finance is being obtained from a lending institution, generally they will require evidence of a Construction and Public Liability policy prior to releasing funds.
Is price important – not really when your whole home is at risk! Insurance is not a luxury. Insurance is not nice to have. Insurance is a must for all owner builders. ‘Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong’ is just wrong – things do go wrong, incidents do happen, events not of your doing or in your control can destroy you project and bring you to your knees. Don’t risk it – it just isn’t worth it. Price is important; value for money is a must but above all don’t underinsure, don’t risk it, don’t roll the dice – after all, owner builder’s owner build with their money and their families. Contents cover is available in conjunction with your construction & public liability policy,which covers your renovation/extension & existing home. >Be Sure Be Safe Build Sure BuildSafe Enquiry Form >>> 1300 763 016 for more information
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 You have been a great help through the whole process from when we were enquiring about insurance, asking 1000 questions right up until now and I’m sure you will continue to help when needed. I appreciate your patience with explaining everything to me and making sure I understand correctly. Great Customer Service. Need to clone you! Thank you, Ashlea