Personal Accident Insurance


As an owner builder, you take on the well being and responsibility of those working on site. So who is going to look after YOU?

So you and your partner have made the big decision to become owner builders and construct your dream home. You have chosen where you’re going to build, drawn up plans with an architect and have the mortgage in place. You have approval from the local council; tradesman lined up and arranged construction and public liability insurance policies; so you’re all set to go.

However, you need to remember that building and construction sites are listed as one of the more dangerous places to work and, regardless of all the planning and precautions taken, accidents can and do still occur. Owner builders who injure themselves can be laid up for months. As an owner builder you need to protect your income in relation to your usual job, while at the same time keeping the project moving – after all, it’s your home and your money.

The policy should specifically provide lump sum benefits due to death or permanent disability from accidental injury and weekly benefits for temporary disablement due to accident, injury or sickness. This assists in reducing financial hardship as a result of injury and sickness and the insured person’s inability to attend their usual occupation.

Features your policy should have

  • Accidental death
  •  Permanent disability due to accident
  •  Broken bones due to accident
  • Weekly Benefits payment for temporary total disablement
  • Weekly Benefits payment for temporary partial disablement
  • Employee or self employed Owner builder Personal Accident Insurance is low cost but provides specific owner builder protection during the critical phases of the building process.

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Thanks Michelle –
you were right. I hadn’t thought about what would happen if I was injured and couldn’t do my day job.
Thanks for explaining it to me. All owner builders should take it out.
Brad McDonald