Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance – QLD/ACT/SA


Do you want to get the best price when selling your Owner Built home?

Your potential purchaser is looking at other homes that have warranty insurance! Why would they choose yours? Or if they do, they will demand a substantial discount. OR you supply Owner Builder Warranty Insurance policy with the contract of sale, so you will get the best price for your home and not have to discount the sale price.

Here are the 7 major reasons why you need BuildSafe Owner Builder Warranty Insurance.

1. Best price for your home

2. Avoid discounting your sale price because there is no warranty insurance.

3. You or your clients will benefit from the most comprehensive & exclusive policy on the market today

4. Quick turnaround. Paperwork is processed quickly and efficiently as our service includes urgent response facilities, i.e – we are able to issue the insurance policy by fax.

5. Expert Knowledge. Providing particular help for those with complex cases

6. Less stress and Hassle. Our underwriting and service support package provides you with peace of mind, easy policy completion and follow up support and advice.

7. Our experience. BuildSafe and our sister company Australian Owner Builders have been helping owner builders for the past 15 years. We have the proven track record and know all the pitfalls and their solutions.

Why do I need Owner Builder Warranty Insurance?
To maximize the price you will receive when selling your property, builders offer warranty on the homes they build, now you can give comfort to your purchaser, that they have warranty insurance when buying your property.

What is Warranty Insurance?
To protect purchasers from any work done by the owner builder that is defective.

  • A warranty that the work will be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the plans and specifications set out in the contract.
  • A warranty that all materials supplied by the holder or person will be good and suitable for the purpose for which they are used and that, unless otherwise stated in the contract, those materials will be new. 
  • A warranty that the work will be done in accordance with, and will comply with,the building regulations.
  • A warranty that, if the work consists of the construction of a dwelling, the making of alterations or additions to a dwelling or the repairing or renovation, the work will result, to the extent of the work conducted, in a dwelling that is reasonably fit for occupation as a dwelling.

What does owner builder warranty cover?
Owner Builder Warranty covers the purchaser, or any subsequent purchaser, of the property for the balance of the 6 year period after the final or occupancy certificate was issued if the owner builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent, however defects, incomplete works or second hand materials noted in the Defects Inspection Report are exempt.

What is a defects report and who can do them?

  • Owner builders require a defects inspection report prior to the sale of their home on which owner builder works have taken place.
  • The report must be from a qualified expert such as a building consultant/inspector, building surveyor, architect or engineer who must have a valid professional indemnity policy in place at the time of signing the report and who authorises the report being made available to third parties.
  • All defects, incomplete works, inaccessible areas and second hand materials should be described covering the dwelling/s as well as outbuilding, pergolas, landscaping, pool etc.

Which building works can be insured?
This includes any new home, renovation/ alteration/ extension, improvements and repairs to the home, garages, carports, sheds and pools.

When does the warranty period begin?
Practical completion is either the date of the Occupancy Permit or 18 months after the issue of the owner builder permit.