Philip Graf is the founder and director of Buildsafe Insurance Brokers.

Philip has over 30 years of experience in the building services sector and is an active participant in the review of insurance and legistlation ofthe building industry by the government.Philip is also a director of Insight Insurance Broker’s Association – a leading Insurance broker group dedicated to the continual education of its members.

The Founding Years

In 1996 Philip saw a demand for specialised industry and formed BuildSafe Insurance Brokers to serve that industry. BuildSafe Insurance Brokers was initially an insurance agent, then in 2004 grew to a full service brokerage providing warranty and construction insurance specifically for the building industry.

BuildSafe Today

BuildSafe Insurance Brokers have a diverse range of products to provide an efficient and relevant service for the building industry. Our team of guardian angels look forward to being of assistance.

Thank you so much Buildsafe team for your efficient and friendly manner, it was really appreciated. Greg